The Premise For this Type of Hero’s Journey

The Hero’s Journey of Our Time is a dynamic, new type of personal journey that moves you across the threshold of your familiar, daily world into the unknown through online assignments, videos, audio recordings and live broadcast events.  It allows you to both safely Shelter in Place while also connecting you more deeply with yourself, and also in interesting and meaningful ways with others doing their own 30 day journey.     

It is directly aligned with the mission of the Hero’s Journey Foundation – to encourage individuals to become more Awake, Aware, Engaged, and Enlivened.  


For many of us, the future as we have known it has dissolved in an instant.  There is no more normal.  We are disoriented, uncertain, scared – and some of us are at home alone.   We need a structure and a process to adhere to, something that can move us, help us to think in new ways, and to understand how we can stay motivated, see new possibilities as they emerge, and be of service to others. 

This type of inward journey is intended to help you stay engaged with something meaningful, while you step back and away from everything that you have taken for granted.  This journey offers you encounters with life-giving moments and movements that bring forth the potential for meaningful explorations of the unknown – while you are immersed in facing the new realities of your daily life, just as it is happening in real time – with everyone across the globe.


 You do not have to go away from home to do this journey; you don’t even have to leave home.  You just have to be willing to move beyond what typically happens at home, in your day-to-day life.  That is the challenge that each person who is enrolled for this upcoming 30 day journey will face.



The time to change something about your way of life is now.  Sometimes the demands of daily living with this unfolding pandemic will over-ride or overwhelm each of us.  At those times, forward movement for us will be out of our reach.  

But there will also be other moments where enough space exists to move across a threshold, and we will provide you with a structure and an impetus to step forward, in ways you may typically not do.



  • This particular journey is all about entering into a lived sense of ‘immediacy’ .
  • We use our willingness and ability to experience something new, born out of something unprecedented that is happening now in our lives, as a result of our own initiatives – and not by simply doing these initiatives alone.

Through intentional personal reflections, receiving delivered inspirations and encouragements from your guides, you will experiment with new ways of thinking and behaviors.   We each will head out on our own paths to explore new experiences for ourselves.

We then meet online on certain Wednesday evenings and/or Saturday mornings (and for some of us, also in person) to share what went well or where we are struggling.

We meet on our Crowdcast platform, get the support and inspiration we need to stay on our path, and then we head back out into our daily lives again with new perspective.

  • Each time we purposefully try out a new initiative or encounter, we learn to trust that things are meant to happen just as they appear to unfold, in present moment time – and usually beyond our expectations.

This requires of us to stay open, let go of old beliefs, and simply stay present and pay attention to what is happening now. We continue growing and learning from what comes forth as a result of the actions we take.


For this type of personal journey of initiatives, opportunity is not to be delayed or avoided unnecessarily, as the journeying time we have is short.

We will build and sustain momentum over 30 days, through our ongoing participation in the collective wave of energy created by you, by your guides, and by the the online community of journeyers.

  • What we are ultimately looking for is not necessarily the direct results or consequences of our actions or ‘reaches’, but that which seems to somehow take place inside ourselves, as a result of these initiatives as we take them – it is if our actions, in and of themselves, open doors to something else that would not happen otherwise.  This is an essential awareness to hold as you engage your initiatives.

































































































































































































































































This Awakening the Ensemble Hero journey is intended to:
































































































































































































































































  • Cultivate a sense of intrigue, mystery, adventure, and fun.
































































































































































































































































  • Invite curiosity, spontaneity, wonder and openness to surprise.
































































































































































































































































  • Awaken and inject a positive, forward moving energy into your life.
































































































































































































































































  • Engage the unknown and make room for the unexpected.
































































































































































































































































  • Encourage a lighthearted, playful spirit, and played like a ‘real life’ board game.
































































































































































































































































  • Infuse a four month period of our lives with six challenges or ‘reaches’ that open up potential on six different pathways.



























































































































































































































































  • Also included is an preparation/organization session, and also an important session for reflection and integration 


If you can see your path laid out in front of you step by step, you know it’s not your path.
Your own path you make with every step you take. That’s why it’s your path.

Joseph Campbell