Be Awakened    Become Aware    Be Engaged    Become Enlivened 

An Eight Session Personal Journey To Propel Your Life Forward

What It's About

Awakening The Ensemble Hero is our newest web course.  It is a focused, playful and initiative-based adventure. Do what it takes to become enlivened by a new story that is revealed to you as you go forward.

How It Works

Explore the Ensemble Myth as a part of a larger community or in a small group. Take up life-giving challenges that are immediate, specific, adventurous and fun. Be open to the unexpected goodness that wants to happen.

Eight Sessions

Receive six particular initiatives that will enliven you. Get support from a small group or the online community. Do for yourself what you wouldn’t typically do by yourself.  Get ready to create a shift. Watch what newly arrives by the end!

Enroll Here

Here is everything you need to enroll. Become a self-activator. Be a part of a dynamic online community of people about to move their life forward right now, in doable, meaningful and surprising ways.

Get Support For Something New

Awakening The Ensemble Hero creates and invitation for support through the ATEH Website, Recorded Reflections hosted by Michael Mervosh, , a private Facebook Page, and our brand new HJF App! Deepen the impact of receiving encouragement and support from a wider world.

Everything is a possibility, everything is a clue, everything is talking to you. It’s marvelous!

It’s as though you had a nose that brought you into the right places.

You are in for wonderful moments when you travel like this.

 Joseph Campbell

Awake. Aware. Engaged. Enlivened.

An Eight Session Journey To Move Your Life Forward