How This Type of Journey Works

The Key Concept is the Ensemble:

We stay connected to the others in our ally group.

  • One’s personal adventure is happening alongside the adventures and encounters that others are also taking.
  • Each person goes forward to have their experience for themselves, but this is not done by themselves.

Each person’s journey influences everyone else’s, allowing the rising tide to lift all boats in the sea.

This is an opportunity to learn about developing a sense of self, or an identity, that is shaped more by the connection to the others in the small group, and less by the more typical, isolating and solitary nature of one’s most habitual thinking.

We are moved and taken forward by Six Challenges or Tasks, which we are naming asReaches‘:

By saying ‘Yes!’ to the challenges or tasks placed before us we create an ignition for movement forward in our lives.

By creating movement through our own initiatives, we are better positioned to receive the Unexpected. 

  • ‘Reaches’ are intended to open and stretch ourselves in small ways, but in ways we would not typically tend to do on our own.
  • ‘Reaches’ position us, in a mysterious way, for things to happen that would not typically happen, without the reach.

  • Participants gather on either Wednesday or Saturday (or both) of a Reach Session for a group broadcast taught by Michael Mervosh (Session Dates and Times found here:
  • Participants can also meet up with small groups to check in about how their reach is happening in a more personal way.
  • The web course is supported by an app, where you’ll receive connection, support, and suggestions for deepening the impact of the reaches in your life.
The idea is that by saying “YES” to an unfolding adventure, and by propelling the journey forward with personal initiatives, synchronicity begins to take place.  
Then opportunities and experiences can unfold that are beyond the intentions set by the participant, which can open doors and yield unexpected boons more surprising and enlivening than the participant’s own agenda.