Now you just have to get the adventure started.

  • Create some new movement in the direction of some activity or pursuit that you love.  In other words, follow your bliss.

Choose something that is specific and concrete and actionable.  Go for something that is within reach, something manageable, that is also a worthwhile challenge for you – and potentially blissful as well.  Give this some thought  – then get started!  

  • Be bold in your thinking, and start small in your actions.  Then pay attention to what begins to awaken in you as you take action.

Choosing to do more of something you really love can make any ordeal you encounter along the way worth going through. Stay with this task.  Get to know more about yourself as you have the courage to go after something or someone you really love.  Acting on your own behalf around a passionate pursuit is bound to have an impact – notice what this is.

NOTE: You will be encouraged to stay with this particular task throughout the entire six weeks of this limited-time journey format.

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  • There are two books we are recommending as optional reading throughout the time of this web journey.

Each will support your ability to stretch yourself in new ways.

One is Michael Meade’s book, The Genius Mythwhich encourages us to fund and embrace ‘that which is already there’, and has been with us since before our birth.  Meade says that the idea of a genius self trying to awaken within each person can provide a sense of refuge from chaos, and can be an antidote to the increasing fear and uncertainty we are facing today in the world.

The other is Stephen Cope’s book, The Great Work Of Your Life.  It is a guide for the Journey to your true calling, or your call to a worthy adventure.  This book is also meant to anchor us in these often overwhelming times that we can feel in daily life, and he describes the process of unlocking the unique possibility harbored within every soul.  He also highlights well-known Western lives that have embodied this central principle, who serve as examples and inspirations to us.

By clicking on the book title, you will be taken to, and you will have the option to purchase the book there.


  • What is the thing that is most likely to hold you back from pursuing further something that you really love or enjoy?

Is it the inconvenience of the pursuit?  Is it the struggle to commit to taking the necessary next step?   Is it a nagging feeling of insecurity or inadequacy?  Is it the fear of feeling or looking foolish?

What kind of active support or encouragement to you need to step over the threshold that holds you back, and allows you to simply take action?

  • Keep in mind that what we love most, we also tend to resist the most.

Human beings are full of paradox and contradictions.  We all have a deep longing for unity and joy, and we all tend to resist making ourselves vulnerable to this realization.  We tend to get distracted or lost in the woods of our personal wishes and imaginings, and this keeps us from moving into the necessary experience, and exchange ourselves with the world around us.

  • Honor your resistances, suspend self-judgment, and take the risk of action towards what you love.


After considering an action or activity that would be a worthy adventure for you – something fun or satisfying, or something that allows the effort you make in and of itself personally rewarding, it is time to take doing what is doable.

  • Once you have started doing more of something you really love, talk about it with someone who will support and encourage you. 

Or perhaps you will want to keep a journey about your experience.  Make sure you share it with your small group during the meet up sessions.  This will make it more real, and it makes you more accountable for staying with it, as well as finding out what it does for you to lean into more of what you love.

The next action step will be posting your experience of your first “reach” on our private Awakening The Ensemble Hero Facebook Page.  This allows us to build up a collective momentum of ensemble activities, allowing the rising tide of new initiatives to life up each of the boats on this particular sea.

Another action step you can take, once you have begun doing more of what you love, is this:

  •  Take a photo of the activity or action step, and include it in your Facebook posting.

This allows us all to feel a little more a part of what is happening for each of the session challenges.

Small Group Check In Sessions

Monday Evening- November 27th 8:30 pm ET –  or Call +1 646 558 8656  Meeting ID:454 666 700

Wednesday- November 29th 9:00 pm ET– or Call +1 646 558 8656 Meeting ID:243 680 634

Thursday- November 30th 11:00 am ET– or Call +1 646 558 8656  Meeting ID: 969 688 592

Sunday- December 3rd 10:00 am ET – or Call +1 646 558 8656  Meeting ID:692 275 5958


If you follow your bliss

you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while waiting for you,
and the life you ought to be living is the one you are living.
When you can see that, you begin to meet people who are in the field of your bliss,
and they open the doors to you.

Joseph Campbell