Reach Back  – re-establish contact with someone of significance from your lived past.

  • Perhaps reach back to an old friend or love, or maybe a mentor or a teacher who still matters to you. Surprise them – initiate an unexpected encounter!
  • Remember them, hold them in mind, and re-engage with this person from a new perspective, in a fresh way. See what doors may open in you.


You always have the option to follow up with them again after the first contact, but that is not necessary, nor what is most essential.  What is important is to feel into your ability to re-imagine, re-new and return towards something that once was important, that can mean something new to you – from where you are now in your life!

What is also important to do is to explore the meaning and the significance that the connection hold for you, as you look back on it, from who you are now – find out more about what still holds truth and meaning, across the distances of space and time.

Live Broadcast Links

The Reach Back Broadcasts take place on Crowdcast and are held on both Wednesday and Sunday. Click below.

  1. WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 6th, 8:30-9:30 PM ET          
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HJ ESSAY 3 – Crossing the Threshold – From The Familar Ground of Ego To the Unknown Regions of Soul – December 2017 draft

This particular essay by Michael helps us to appreciate all the ways we resist reach out, especially when we really desire something strongly, or make it important to us.   It serves to encourage us to keep crossing over from our ego’s limiting ways into the as-yet-unknown adventure the soul has waiting for us.




  • Crossing back and forth across the threshold between present and past – Who do you want to re-connect with again, being the person that you have now become?
  • What do you need to share with them, what feels important to convey that you need them to know? 

 Make some space inside to reflect on your connection to this significant person from your past.

What might come forth from you by making the effort to reach back to them, and revisit something or someone that once mattered greatly to you, and perhaps still does?



Reach Back  It’s time to re-establish contact with someone of significance from your lived past.

Find a way to reconnect with this person.  Are they living?  Contact them.  Are they deceased?  Revisit them in other ways – through meditation, photos, sharing your story about them with a good friend.  Then bring that connection into more aliveness by sharing in the Awakening The Ensemble Hero Facebook Pageor on the HJF app, or the Crowdcast broadcast.  Share something about your experience!


Small Group Check In Sessions

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Cross back and forth across the threshold between present and past.

Awaken a deep need to share something meaningful about an old connection in a new way.

What is waiting to come forth in you by reaching back to something or someone once that mattered?