Your Task: Go Where You Haven’t Gone Before

 –  Stretch yourself in a fresh and interesting way.

Start doing something new; start doing it now.  Try learning a new skill you always wanted to learn; return to some activity or project previously started and set aside.  As you enter this new initiative, tolerate feeling foolish, awkward or inadequate.  More importantly, be open to an as-yet-unrealized path that holds untapped potential, a threshold point that still awaits your approach.


  • What is essential here is to practice a certain kind of daring by seizing this opportunity to move beyond old, established routines, and moving past daunting emotional or psychological inner barriers.

Perhaps there has been some chronic, self-imposed limitation that has defined you.  Perhaps you have simply lacked the critical mass of support and encouragement needed to take a small leap of faith.

It is essential that these new actions be done in smaller, more do-able action steps. Again, it is the meaning that the actions hold that is most significant and important.

We’d like to foster a sense of the self, having crossed over into unfamiliar territory, and creating a fresh sense of adventure, and whether it be in a small or big way is not so relevant.  What matters most is the internal sense of risk and venture being taken.

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Facing Obstacles on the Path – Essay by Michael Mervosh

Alison Letterman tells us that even the word ‘Obstacle’ is an obstacle.  Her poem is one of those paradoxical portrayals of challenges that we make bigger or more agitating than they really need to be.


  • How have you allowed yourself to be held back by a sense of smallness or closeness that does not actually match who you really are?
  • How can you get the support or encouragement you need to simply step around or swim past what you previously perceived to be insurmountable?
  • Are you willing to start with small encounters or episodes?  


  • What would you do if you had just 10 seconds of courage?







Start small – be daring & light hearted about your sense of risk going forward.

If you need a fire-starter reach, I will share mine with you – talk (about anything) to five strangers you come across in your ordinary day-to-day world.

Practice doing this simple (but perhaps not at all easy) action step purposefully.   By intentionally opening doors for yourself, feel the simple adventure of this invite.   Be ready to share a story about what unexpectedly unfolded by your reach.

Do exactly what you would do if you felt most secure.

– Meister Eckhart


Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.

Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.

– Goethe

Give up sitting dutifully at your desk. Leave 
your house or apartment.

Go out into the world.

– Ron Koertge